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Real Madrid is more than 100 years of history
Real Madrid is the feeling that unites us
It is understanding that it is about much more than just a ball.
It is the Bernabeu on a big match day.
It is losing your voice through cheering.
A feeling without borders.
Never giving up
Hala Madrid!
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"As a child, Zlatan Ibrahimovic lived in poverty in the suburbs of Sweden. He went through a childhood filled with abuse, neglect, criminality and custody battles.

As a young boy, Ibrahimovic was in a football team full of other boys who were much wealthier than him. While they showed up with the latest addidas shoes, he showed up with cheap sneakers from the dollar store, with his clothes packed in a grocery bag as he made his way to practice, walking many kilometers as his father was busy with the events of the people back in his homeland, he did not drive him, and was never there to watch him play.

Inspite of all this and much more Ibrahimovic managed to climb his way to the some of the best clubs, and even became one of the best players in the world.” (x)

"I want to engage all kids out there a thought, to all the children who feel a bit strange and different, who don’t fit in and are noticed for the wrong reasons. It’s okay to not be like others. Keep believing in yourselves, after all, it worked out for me." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Happy 32nd Birthday Ricardo Kaka.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez! (April 21, 1992)

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